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Welcome To Valise Transportation

VALISE EGYPT: is one of the largest tourism and transportation companies in Egypt, Established in April 2000, owns a fleet of Egypt and has a very large number of employees and professional drivers.
VALISE DUBAI: Is a Dubai-based luxury transportation company, Established in 2017, we are the leading service provider in UAE, delivering exceptional and personalized service.
VALISE offers private chauffeur services throughout the United Arab Emirates with the most cost-efficient rates and packages, affordable to everyone.
VALISE possesses a fleet of sedans and multi-passenger vans ensuring luxurious transfers to and from the airport and chauffeur driver services tailor made to passenger requirements.
VALISE is familiar with providing services to cooperates with our vast variety of vehicles with most competitive vehicles.
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The world is changing around us in all aspects. To continue to thrive as a transport company. we must look ahead, analyze the changes, understand the trends and move swiftly to prepare for the future.


Since the company's inception in 2017, three key concerns have helped define our philosophy and provide motivation for our employees. On the basis of these values, we have sought to build our network.


Event or roadshows or special wedding packages
Hourly, half-day and full-day chauffeur services
Point to point pick-up & drop-off across UAE.
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